As Respectfully Submitted In Truth By Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem
(Quw'utsun Aunt of former  BC Lt Governor Stephen Point; cousin to late UBCIC Dennis Alphonse; descended from Chief kakalatza; Hul'qumi'num educator via Malaspina, UVIC and SFU)

Re : August 8th, 2014 & Forward
No Teachers Contract Dispute Resolution
In Absence of Indigenous Peoples Free, Prior, Informed Attendance At The Bargaining Table
A Redemption Declaration As Related To Crown Canada Illicit Education Past Practices 
A Specific Pronouncement Regarding British Columbia, Canada Education Policies
The Following Is Copied Forward To
Canada Truth & Reconciliation Commission and UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples
UN Security Council & Human Rights Commission - Inter American Commission on Human Rights - European Court on Human Rights - International Commission of Jurists

Crown Canada prevails on these Turtle Island North lands by specific invitation only via Original indigenous Peoples Free, Prior, Informed Consent, as provided for through the Custom Laws of these traditional non-relinquished, not-abandoned, non-conquered; continued sovereign nations. Where trespass occurs in contravention of these said customs and traditions - as incorporated into the irrevocable undertakings of the 1953 Elizabeth II Coronation Oath - then the Original indigenous Peoples of those territories may exercise options as provided for through these said Custom Laws; including, but, not limited to the OIPC : Original Indigenous Peoples Court.

Specifically, the past practices of Crown Canada through colonization regimes have been to seize indigenous children from their families; and, to force upon these said victims a foreign and hostile indoctrination, whose principal intent was  to destroy the "Indian" in the "Indian". These historical wrongs, today, are classified as being in contravention of international law standards as related to genocide.

Gus Wen Tah [Peace, Trust, Friendship] is the traditional indigenous invitation protocol as extended to arriving foreign parties. Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem [nee Ruby Peter] proposes that she shall attend the continued contract negotiations as the Third Contingent in the BCTF / BCPSEA contract settlements. The invitation to attend these said meetings shall be provided for by both the BCTF & the BCPSEA, forthwith. Contact SH : Ruby Peter at 1.250.597.4036 or via SqYx at 1.778.433.3908 or cell 1.250.709.1809; or, via email

In the event that BCTF &  / or the BCPSEA reject this proposed Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem attendance - at provincial BC expense - then, a complaint shall proceed to all relevant parties [including, but not limited to the UN Security Council and OIPC] for a judicial intervention to apprehend these said contract negotiations in the absence of qualified Original indigenous Peoples attendance and participation in these education settlement contracts in British Columbia.

It should also be noted that Kwa'mutsun Nation is proceeding with the submission dossier II to the UN Credentials Committee before the next scheduled convening of the UN General Assembly; wherein, it shall be appended that Crown Canada - including British Columbia - is not qualified under UN Charter provisions to be recognized and granted continued membership.